Examples and Pricing Sheet

Please note: pricing details are subject to change. They are not representative of previous collaborations.

Video Mentions

$500/per video mention

Your brand messaging/ad (usually under 30 seconds) will be mentioned on one of my YouTube videos. The ad will be displayed twice – at the beginning and towards the end of the video, with the option to display as a link on the screen as well.

YouTube #shorts

$500/per #shorts

Short and sweet feature demo, walkthrough, talking head style videos (under 60 secs) to publish as a YouTube shorts.

Shorts are gaining a lot of traction on YouTube since 2021 and we continue to see organic traffic for #shorts.

We are able to work with brands to release #shorts content more frequently than integrated videos.

Integrated long videos:

$1000/per integrated video

I recorded a video to talk about your brand, a feature, new releases/updates for an average of 5-12 minutes

Integrated video example #1: Restream Playlist – a series of 24 videos introducing my audience to Restream (for livestream and multi-stream)

Integrated video example #2: Ribbon (Momence since Dec 2021)

Integrated video example #3: FOUND (small business finance)

Integrated video example #4: Podcastle (podcasting recording and editing)

Integrated video example #5: OnPodio (dance and fitness content platform)