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Video Content Breakthrough

With just 2 hours of your time each month, we help you create highly engaging micro videos across your social channels to promote your knowledge, services, and products.

How do YOU feel about your current marketing effort to
grow your business?

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the tired and overwhelmed,

…hopping from one idea to another with no consistency or repeatable results, working too fast and too much, with little control.

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or the elevated and purposeful

…feeling confident with a clear content strategy production calendar, spending a fraction of the time reaching quality leads.

how it works

We work one-on-one to strategize topics. I interview you for one hour each month. My team helps edit and publish dozens of videos across your social media channels with engaging copy, keywords, and hashtags.

video length and format

We recommend micro (around 30 secs) and short videos (under 5 mins) for most entrepreneurs and businesses. We will map out your content calendar, video length, size, and format during the strategy phase.

where and How we publish

We follow a tried-and-true research process for your video title, keywords, and description so you don’t have to spend time learning and publishing your videos the right way.

the process

Our Simple 4-Step Process

Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to get your videos ready and launched in weeks, not months.

1. Strategy Session (60-min)

We’ll strategize and plan out 10-15 questions for you to answer during the interview recording. As needed, we also offer coaching on what you want to say, how you want to say it, and how you want your videos to look.

2. Interview Recording (60-min)

You won’t be feeling awkward speaking to a camera with no audience, because we will be there to support you and moderate the conversation to make sure we capture everything we need while you look and sound your best.

3. Editing & Production (1-2 weeks)

My production team will edit your videos following our strategy.

4. Publishing

This is where we’ll distribute your regular and short videos across selected social channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) so you can reach high-quality leads for your business.

examples of our work

Alcott Global is an executive search firm for supply chain talents. These interview clips have received thousands of views on their LinkedIn company page.

Chris Littlefield is an author and speaker. With a small YouTube channel, Chris is able to leverage these videos also on LinkedIn, and email newsletters.

SherlockSuperCoach is an AI-powered coaching platform. With a brand new YouTube channel and LinkedIn company page, these founder interviews helped launch the app with engaging viewers.

Why Fei & Feisworld

10+ years of podcasting experience

Fei has interviewed 350+ guests since launching her own podcast including tier-1 influencers such as Seth Godin, Chris Voss, and Sarah Cooper.

World-class moderation

Fei led over a dozen interviews for CEO Club, and Women Leaders Associations among other leadership groups. Guests include Steve Wozniack, Ariana Huffington, and Mark Cuban.

Monetized YouTuber and content creator

We walk the walk. Feisworld Media is a monetized YouTube channel with over 21K subscribers and 100K+ views each month. We treat video content as a business, not just a hobby we love.

Business and content strategy at the core

Feisworld production team has extensive video production and business experience in producing quality, engaging, and monetized content for dozens of clients.

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Please include as much info as you can (including your YouTube channel if it exists), the website URL, the nature of your business, and goals. We respond within 24-48 hours. Thank you!