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Zoom Host for Real Estate Agents and Businesses

Recently I had the pleasure to host a how-to session for Sage Real Estate in Canada. With founder Larry Sage’s permission, I decided to release this video so more businesses, agents can learn more about how to make Zoom work for them!

Show notes:

  • 00:00 Thank you for helping me reach 5K and 500K views!
  • 01:43 The system I’m using for Zoom
  • 04:09 How to make “eye-contact” and know where to look
  • 05:43 How to master screen-share
  • 06:32 How to touch-up your appearance with one click
  • 08:41 How to use virtual background
  • 10:36 Recording setting – How to record separate tracks when there’s background noise
  • 12:05 How to create your meeting, and when to turn video/audio on or off for participants
  • 14:42 Lighting setup
  • 16:49 Why you should teach your clients how to Zoom (if they aren’t familiar)
  • 18:53 How to optimize your real background (not virtual ground)
  • 20:35 How to use Zoom for virtual tours inside homes (#hometour) 
  • 22:00 Microphone, hardware and settings
  • 25:00 Zoom advanced settings
  • 26:56 Additional tips and tricks – wifi, restart your computer and more

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Zoom features for host
  • How to make “eye-contact” and know where the camera is
  • How to set yourself up for success (prep/during/after the meeting)
  • How to set up lighting (natural light vs. studio light)
  • How to share screen
  • How to use virtual background (including adding a logo to your virtual background)
  • How to enable computer sound and video optimization
  • How to change video, audio and recording settings

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