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6 Best OTT Platforms for Creators and Companies (In 2022)

As a creator, it can often be somewhat challenging to get your voice heard over all of the noise that’s out there on the internet. There are several ways to get your content in front of an audience, but one type of platform that has been growing in popularity are Over The Top (OTT) platforms. In this post we cover our 6 best OTT platforms for creators and small companies.

What Is OTT?

The term OTT itself stands for “over-the-top”, and refers to any type of video or streaming media that provides a viewer access to movies or TV shows by sending the media directly through the internet. Some of the most well-known OTT platforms include HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube/YouTube Red and SlingTV.

What OTT Video Streaming Service Could Mean to Creators and Businesses

While many creators would consider their content a success when it reaches a significant network or is distributed on a platform like Netflix, OTT platforms can make it easy to instantly share content and get creators the recognition and compensation they need to continue driving their career in creative arts.

Some of the most popular OTT platforms available immediately to creators and businesses that have been making waves in recent years include Uscreen and Vimeo. Both platforms offer creators a wide range of benefits, including posting content without going through a major network or studio. This allows creators more freedom regarding the content they produce, as they don’t have to worry about whether or not a higher-up will approve it.

Creating an account on these platforms will give creatives the chance to broadcast any shows they want or create content. This OTT strategy finds new uses throughout the fitness world, music, and film. When content creators not only get control over the content they are creating as well as their distribution strategy and monetization, it puts them in a much better position to succeed.

We are going to start with the most popular and most recommended solutions such as Uscreen and Vimeo, and work out way down to several other platforms are also worth considering.

Our Best OTT Platforms (Top Choices September 2022)


Uscreen is a video monetization platform that allows video creators and companies to launch video subscription services and sell their videos online. Similar to competitive course platforms you have heard of (such as Teachable, Thinkific, Podia), Uscreen can be used to deliver course content that are primarily driven by videos. At its core, Uscreen provides users with a Netflix-like experience to freely browser through video content on-demand.

Creators and companies can also offer livestream content in addition to pre-recorded videos. Perhaps one of the most competitive and appealing offer from Uscreen is the mobile and TV apps at affordable prices starting at under $1,000 USD per month, compared to tens of thousands of dollars spent on native apps.

What Is an OTT App?

Over-the-top applications, or OTT apps, are apps that deliver video content using the internet rather than cable or satellite TV. These apps allow your customers to instantly stream videos on both mobile devices (iOS and Android) and TVs using devices like a Roku Box, AppleTV, Android TV & Amazon Fire TV.

Pricing: starts at $79/month (or $99/month if paid monthly) with a 14-day trial

Uscreen OTT pricing September 2022
Uscreen OTT pricing (September 2022)


Vimeo OTT is a streaming service platform that allows you to launch a video subscription channel including 24/7 support for you and your subscribers.

What’s the difference between Vimeo and Vimeo OTT?

The short answer is that the use of Vimeo and Vimeo OTT are different.

Vimeo is a video hosting, sharing and services platform. Subscribers can choose between Vimeo’s free service and a number of paid services to upload their videos for public viewing, display on their websites, or for internal/private use. Vimeo OTT, on the other hand, allows brands and creators to launch their own white-label video subscription channels, where subscribers can access video content for free, as a rental, or for purchase.

Pricing: Starter packages pay $1/subscriber/month, Growth package $500/month.

Vimeo OTT pricing September 2022
Vimeo OTT pricing (September 2022)

IBM cloud video (Watson Media)

IBM cloud video is a platform that many OTT creators have missed out on in the creation of new content. The video-on-demand service has a huge variety of content from around the internet. It also offers many features that are perfect for businesses, including password protection, content management, and analytics.

They have some excellent features for creators that are starting on a budget and cross-device compatibility. Users on this platform can start with a subscription-based model or pay-per-view model for free and scale when they want to add more HD content or in-program monetization.

Pricing: starts at $99/month with a free 30-day trial

IBM cloud video paltform September 2022
IBM Cloud Video Pricing (September 2022)


Setplex offers a white-label solution that helps businesses to create, manage, and launch their own over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services. The Setplex platform has everything you need to get started, including online delivery of content that can scale to your budget.

The Setplex model will make it easier to manage subscribers, and the versatile support options make setup a breeze. You can use Setplex to build a brand around your content and then expand when you want to go global with your service.

Pricing: Pay as you grow model. Pricing details aren’t immediately available on their website.


Although Brightcove is an established platform for many streamers, it is not an OTT platform that many creators are using to its fullest effect. An enterprise-level solution is a great option when you are trying to reach larger audiences or when you have creative content that you would like to share in regular live streaming PPV events. This is the platform for you if you want reliable uptime and the chance to reach users on CTV and mobile. The video encoding and the quality of the live streams on this platform are some of the best in the industry.

This is not a platform designed for small-scale creators, though; it is usually a good option if you have had success on a different platform and are carrying a large audience over. Brightcove is also an excellent way to upgrade when the time comes that your audience may outgrow your old OTT platform.

Pricing: Pay as you grow model. Pricing details aren’t immediately available on their website and requires contacting the sales team for more information.

Jw Player

JW player started as one of the world’s most prominent HTML 5 players. They have been building a new CMS solution and support for live streaming and content monetization. Although streaming support is only available on the enterprise plan, this platform comes with many advertising options and monetization strategies that can be used to generate revenue quickly for new content creators wanting an ad-powered OTT business.

JW Player Pricing September 2022
JW Player Pricing (September 2022)

Pricing: starts at $10/month with a 30-day free trial.


Overall, there have been many recent success stories with creators using OTT platforms to reach new audiences and monetize their content. These are only a few of the top available options, and each has a unique set of features. As a creator, it is essential to consider what your needs are and what would be the best option to reach your target audience.

It is also necessary to have a plan for monetizing your content, whether that is through subscription fees, pay-per-view, or advertisements. You can create a successful business around your content with the right platform and the perfect strategy.

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