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Allison Martin (Founder of UDoTest): Empowering Women Through Accessible Medical Prevention

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Allison Martin (LinkedIn) was born and raised in South Africa. She’s the founder of UDoTest, the first company of its kind to help significantly reduce the unnecessary cervical cancer deaths in Africa.

Following a mobile and tech career, she noticed the significant lack of accessibility to medical services and care across Africa. After the first few experiences of getting her Pap smear, she figured that there must be a better and easier way for women to receive these tests – possibly in the comfort of their own homes.

UDoTest was the start of something digitally different in South Africa and sub-saharan Africa with the intention of merging tech, healthcare and a much greater purpose all into one. The goal was to educate, increase awareness and disease prevention using simple and accurate methods.

After receiving several notable awards in South Africa, Allison decided to bring UDoTest to the USA in 2017. Allison traveled to different states include the South, the West and now the East Coast of America (Boston, MA to be specific) continuing to spread the word of UDoTest.

Today, UDoTest offers a unique, and sophisticated B2B At-Home Disease Testing SaaS Platform. In partnership with leading global laboratories and physicians, UDoTest sets forward a personalized, comprehensive, in-network, lower cost and life-saving at-home testing experience for wider populations in North America.

What more will you learn in this episode?

  • Allison shares her current journey as a 30-something year old female immigrant and traveling entrepreneur living in Boston, MA

  • Her successes and struggles as an independent creator and entrepreneur, running a business while adapting a new life living in a foreign country

  • How Allison manages to balance her career and a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend

  • Her decisions for delaying having children, starting a family and living a “normal” life

  • She talks about her experience freezing her eggs (the process and feedback)

Learn more about UDoTest: https://www.udotest.com/

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