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David Burkus: Unleash the Power of Your Weak Ties


meet david burkus

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David Burkus (@davidburkus) is a best-selling author. His newest book, Friend of a Friend offers new perspectives and tactics that teaches you how to better network and build key connections. These insights are based on human behaviors, and often are overlooked and misunderstood.

Turns out, the low hanging fruits are the connections you already have, the old friends, which social scientists call them weak ties, or dormant ties. 

Within days of speaking with David, I started reaching out to my own network via LinkedIn, Facebook, and some contacts right from my phone. I received responses right away, and most people responded within 24 hours. 

When you leave a job, some of you best connections at the time shouldn\’t just vanish with the job. 


Show Notes

Part 1

  • [02:00] How did you run a podcast for 8 seasons/8 years?

  • [04:00] How was the process between the end of the podcast in September and the release of your new book in May?

  • [06:00] Your website drives people directly to each of your different books. Was that intentional? How did you decide on the design?

  • [08:00] How did you come up with the name of your last book?

  • [12:00] How does your team look like?

  • [16:00] How did you get your first contract for a book?

Part 2

  • [25:00] You practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, are you still competing?

  • [27:00] Do you feel there’s something special about practicing a martial art, training, group work, and your discipling at work and as a creator?

  • [30:00] What triggered you to write about the exchange between communities? What was your experience behind that?

  • [35:00] Your books ARE backed by science and studies, unlike all other ‘advice’ books out there that come from personal experiences. What are your thoughts on that?

  • [38:00] What are some of the people comments/reviews about your book? Do you check that often?

Favorite Quotes

[20:00] What I look for an idea for a book now is that blend between social sciences, practical applications, good storytelling, but the other thing that I try to do is use social science specifically to correct things that are common sense but are wrong. Creativity is a great example of a lot of stuff that what we do and what’s common sense it’s actually counter to what we know from science.

[32:00] You can’t have a purely egalitarian network where everyone is connected to everyone. You need clusters. For people to get better, they need some level of community. For everything there is balance. You need to be able to be bridging to other communities to find those new ideas, both to bring them to your cluster but also to potentially know it’s time for you to move…

[36:00] This is where I think a lot of people feel weird. They are trying to apply someone else’s advice, who is very different from them, and then they are experiencing that feeling of feeling not like themselves. Because they are literally pretending to be someone else, by applying  that other person’s advice.

[40:00] It’s still is what you know, and also who you know. And that’s good news because you are in control of both of those things. The stories of that person that was born into this incredible networks, those are more rare than the stories of people, figuring out that it’s a matter of the community I’m a part of, so I need to be intentional and take this seriously. Thos stories are more common, and they see who you are as good news.

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