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Ecamm Black Friday Sale: Get 40% OFF Annual Plans (2023)

This year one of our favorite creator tools, Ecamm, is hosting a Cyber Weekend Sale from Black Friday (Nov 24th) through to Cyber Monday (Nov 27th). All new customers who sign up during that time will save 40% annually on their Ecamm Live subscription.

Ecamm Live is an all-in-one live streaming & video production studio for Mac. With Ecamm Live, video creation is easy, professional, and fully customizable.

Right now, you can save 40% on our annual plans FOREVER. This is Ecamm’s biggest sale of the year, and today’s sale can literally last you a lifetime.

That’s right, this 40% off is applied to your first year, second year, third year (and so on) of Ecamm Live. As long as you keep the subscription, we’ll keep your discount.

Because, let’s face it, we’ve all been on a boring Zoom call where everyone is smiling and nodding. It doesn’t have to be like this… YOU don’t have to live like this… What if you could make your Zoom calls the brightest spot of everyone’s day? What if people showed up to your Zoom calls and asked you “How are you doing that”?

If you’ve ever been a part of one of my webinars, you probably know that I use a tool called Ecamm Live to create immersive presentations that keep my audience engaged and, in turn, they get everything they need from my webinar without the need for a follow-up call or recording.

Benefits of Ecamm (Ecamm Black Friday)

  • Insert my logo into everyday Zoom calls
  • Create engaging graphics to convey information to my audience
  • Use a higher-quality image to appear crisp and professional
  • Share key points alongside of my camera
  • Insert pattern interrupts in the form of sound effects to keep engagement.

If you want to try out everything Ecamm Live has to offer your Zoom calls, you can try it for free for 14-days! The best part? When you buy it this weekend, it’s 40% off forever.

Video Tutorial: How to Uplevel Zoom with Ecamm

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