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End of August 2020 Check-in From Feisworld (#252)

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This is a solo, #riff, reflection episode from Fei Wu

Every once in a while, I like to indulge myself and record some solo episodes (without interview guests). There is a lot to learn and reflect. Capturing them in the moment seems to be the best way for me. These episodes tend to run shorter, and never overproduced. Enjoy!


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Hey guys. This is Fei Wu and you’re listening to a new episode of the Feisworld podcast. I’ve been running around like crazy lately because I remember sharing a couple of months ago that I started New House Hunting. And that was a journey I had never really taken on previously in my life. So as of right now, I’m recording this and ready to publish this live on October 15 or October 16, really around midnight.

I realize that I am long overdue for an update because I have officially moved my mom and myself into this new home here in Massachusetts. I feel really privileged because right now in a market like this with Coronavirus, with so many uncertainties, for some people, buying a house just sounds like crazy. Yet you’d be surprised that the house market is generally very hot and there were a lot of buyers, a lot of houses on the market, but all of a sudden they were just gone. Originally, I have thought that I would really trying to complete the course of the journey around October, like right about now, figuring that during the summer, the housing where houses will be more expensive. But anyway, I don’t want to keep rambling on.

I do want to give everybody this quick update. But there’s so much that has been happening in my life besides house buying. For example, that I not so long ago, actually, just in August, I interviewed Dr. BJ Miller, and since then we sort of have this behind the scenes collaboration going on. I had the chance to really guide him and his team through the marketing process.

I don’t know what it is with me, but when I’m able to help people in ways that are unique to my ability and you know that I know for sure I can make a contribution in ways that are meaningful to people who possess extraordinary skills, it just makes me so happy. And that’s something I learned about myself. So that is ongoing. And not only that, since then I recorded a followup conversation, livestream not only with BJ. Miller, but also with Rebecca Tossec and also Gustavo Serafini on the subject of disability, the idea of an able body versus disabled body and the topic or the subject of ableism and also, let’s see, what else?

Body neutrality. I mean, to be honest, like, these vocabularies are just not very familiar to me, even though it’s a subject matter that I’m very interested in exploring. So I dared myself and everyone else who trusted me so much to be able to have that conversation and be able to share that conversation worldwide, right? There’s just so much synergy, so much great energy coming out of that conversation. So I urge you to check it out because these conversations where these live streams do come after I go live.

That means that you do have to find them on our YouTube channel under Phase World Media. So that’s again, feist if you’re new here. Thank you so much. I love making new friends. It just means a lot because, you know, as I notice, because we’re not really the Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss type of show, we don’t always have a lot of returning listeners.

I would say more than twothirds of you guys, sometimes even more, are net new listeners. This may be your first episode. How powerful is that? So again, if you’re thinking about creating something new and worried that people will not come or they will not return, well, don’t think about it too much because it’s kind of a universal theme for a lot of creators out there. Sometimes people make it seem like people are always coming back and the audience is always growing.

Not so, you know, my mom is a professional artist. Even though it’s so easy to say to the world and to yourself that every new painting should absolutely be better than the previous one, should be more inspirational and so forth and so on, you know, can you really do that to yourself, though, right? Like, you look at some of the things that you do, whether it’s a voice recording or a video that you have produced or a painting that you have done, and you go back and you look at it and thinking, wow, that was a really great, very unique moment. I don’t think I can even bring myself to replicate that. And the chances are you can’t.

You know, that moment is either there or what’s gone. But as I’m learning, working with clients, or by myself, like I’m recording this in my office, I realize I’m feeling quite tired right now. I would much rather be in bed. But I got to just bring myself to this because this is part of my meditation. This is part of returning to my creative work, no matter how I feel.

So, you know, as part of this moving process, I noticed that I put my YouTube channel on hiatus for, like, a week or ten days. That felt super long. I don’t think it was even merely ten days, to be honest. But the idea where the habit I had developed prior to moving, which was spending just about a year of, you know, always producing new content on Tuesdays and Fridays, releasing them, having a content calendar and really live by it, and all of a sudden, for a week straight, I wasn’t producing. And now, again, as I’m recording this, I have nearly 90 subscribers on YouTube.

So people, to a certain degree, are waiting and have an expectation of the type of content that you’re producing. Needless to say, I also have sponsors now, so I do have responsibilities beyond the content I like to produce or I’m scheduled to produce. So, yeah, it’s a rant, but I really enjoy distilling my life and sharing this. Sometimes it feels really silly because I’m still living in it and it feels a lot of the events I’m sharing now just so recent, and maybe it’s even relevant or uninteresting to people who are listening. But then, guess what?

I go back to some of these episodes I know. I call them. Catch up or Phase Diary or whatever. And I listen to these things even weeks later. And especially when it’s months later.

And I say to myself. Wow. I have no memory of any of these things that actually happened. Or the intricacies or things that matter to me so much in that moment are kind of not all that important anymore. So it’s just fascinating to me.

So even if you’re not a podcast or you’re not thinking about recording in the format of audio or video. I urge you to just turn on your iPhone or your Android phone and just start recording part of your daily routine and talk about the things that you feel so merely important and just get that on tape and you learn so much about yourself and you be proud of yourself because everyday struggle in that moment in time seems so profound in so many ways. But later on, you teach yourself. You learn that lesson that it’s in the past. You moved on, you found a solution or it becomes less important.

So, yeah, that’s what I’m learning and reflecting on. So I guess what else should I be sharing? That is my alarm clock to help my mom out with something. But before I leave you guys to this, tomorrow, I have another livestream. And the reality of content creators like myself is we literally had the day before, even just an hour before the recording, to really learn about our guests.

I know it doesn’t sound like best practice, but in reality, right when you have something on the calendar, you just got to get to it. And there are other competing priorities. So tomorrow, on Friday, October 16, I’ll be interviewing Mark McGinnis. And Mark’s PR agency reached out to me and often, to be honest, ignore these invites. But then I realized my friend Joanna Penn interviewed Mark more than once and I listened to their show, their episode, and I loved it.

So I said yes to the PR Agency and Mark and I are going to have a conversation tomorrow. So Mark is a writer and there’s just so much to discuss and let’s see if you can tune in. That’ll be great. You know, as you’re listening to this, it’s not too late. You will have at least 12 hours, depending where you’re listening to this, to tune in.

And Mark and I will go live at 12:00 p.m on the 16th Friday at noon Eastern Standard Time. I typically go live on my YouTube channel, my Facebook personal profile, my Facebook page, my Twitter account, everywhere at Face World. Basically feisworld. As you can tell, I’m getting a little bit tired, so I’m going to log off and have a great evening. Have a great morning whenever you’re listening to this.

And, yeah, I’m thinking of you. And I’m so thrilled to be connecting with you in this way. And so much more to come. Stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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