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Zoom Alternative With No Time Limit (Free)

In this video, I walk you through the use of a livestream tool called Restream that can be repurposed as a Zoom backup for virtual meetings.

It comes with a ton of features to arrange your video layout with multiple guests and screen shares. You also don’t have to learn OBS to apply videos, backgrounds to look like a PRO.

Yet the best news of all is that Restream has a 100% free version you can download and use right away. And it doesn’t have meeting time limit such as Zoom (free version comes with 40 mins for group meetings), and Google Meet (free version comes with 1-hr for group meetings).

The downside is that Restream currently can host up to 6 guests (free version) and 10 guests (paid version). Therefore Restream is NOT a good option for large meetings but it works really well for small ones. 

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