Gareth Martin: Conversation with a Ridiculous Human

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About Our Guest

Gareth Martin is a podcaster and executive lifestyle coach. He was born and raised in beautiful South Africa and is now living and working in London, UK.

Moving to London was a decision he made in his late teens after visiting the city from South Africa. He completely fell in love with it and decided to stay.  After spending more than 10 years working as a banker, Gareth decided to build his own business.

Gareth is the type of person who is engaging, optimistic, and incredibly warm.

When he was 16, he experienced the worst physical set-back which has ever happened to him. On the July 7th, 1997, Gareth was hit head on by a car, driven by a drunk driver. This accident became the important life lesson for Gareth. In this episode, he talks about that “There are many motivational people out there who explain the importance of having a “Purpose” and a “Why” in life…. With the decisions he faces and which influences and defines his life, he always likes to ask himself …….”Why Not?”. Gareth also talks about why we should all take chances on ourselves and go after what moves us.

We both became immigrants when we were teenagers. We both made that decisions on our own to move to a foreign country. As adults, we realized that decision is a daring act which brought enormous amount and turned out worlds upside down, in a good way, because it taught us resilience, and how to truly adapt the world around us.

In 2018, I had the pleasure to meet Gareth in person in London. Traveling to visit my podcast guests is and will always remain my favorite part of starting my podcast.

To learn more Gareth Martin and his podcast, visit “The Ridiculously Human Podcast” website. I’m a fan and a proud email subscriber.

Show Notes

  • [05:00] What’s the story behind your nickname ‘China’?

  • [08:00] How did you decide to move from South Africa to London? Can you walk us through your timeline?

  • [12:00] What did your parents say when you decided not to go back to South Africa?

  • [13:00] What’s your image/recollection of you as a kid in South Africa? What’s so special about that place?

  • [16:00] How long have you been running your podcast for?

  • [17:00] What are your thoughts of good vs. bad practices as an interviewer?

  • [20:00] What is a hook question? Can you share an example?

  • [22:00] Your podcast focuses a lot on origin stories, is that on purpose?

  • [24:00] What are some of the things that guests could do to become better guests?

  • [26:00] How do you deal with the different conversation dynamics with different guests? (Some of them like to speak longer and it might feel like a monologue)

  • [28:00]  How did you come up with your podcast name?

  • [30:00] Is it easy or difficult to market your show, given that the name is not super-specific?

  • [32:00] How do you get organized with email, tasks, follow-ups, networking, etc.?

  • [34:00] How do you keep in touch with your guests?

  • [36:00] There’s definitely more competition than ever now. More podcasts and blogs than ever before, and lots of content creators. How do you motivate yourself to keep doing what you do?

  • [40:00] What’s your coaching business about? How did you end up setting that business?

  • [42:00] What was challenging when transitioning from banking to your own business?