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How Much I Earned on YouTube in 2020 (Small Channel)

In this video, I’ll walk you through every single aspect of how much I earned on YouTube in 2020, including

  • YouTube ads
  • YouTube sponsorships (sponsored videos and collaborations)
  • Affiliate marketing income
  • Digital products

It’s a strange time to talk about money, even though we made less than a fraction of what these big YouTubers have seen. YouTube has been a great source of not only income, but also a source of joy and creative experience. I couldn’t have asked for more – from all of you! Thanks for watching and supporting our tiny channel! See you in 2021.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:10 April – December YouTube ads earning
  • 08:00 Sponsored video earning
  • 08:45 Affiliate marketing (Amazon, Teachable, ConvertKit, etc.) earnings
  • 09:18 Amazon affiliate income  + and how I set them up on YouTube
  • 11:00 Templates from for affiliate income
  • 11:35 Feisworld digital product incomes
  • 14:25 Summary and conclusion  

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