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How to Build Your Livestream Business (Course) on Skillshare

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After Feisworld Media\’s \”Learn to Livestream\” playlist gained significant traction on YouTube and helped us build a thriving community on Facebook, we decided that it\’s time to organize this information and knowledge into an easily accessible course, exclusively made available here on Skillshare.

In this course, we want to teach fitness entrepreneurs how to build a business around livestream using tools such as Zoom and Facebook. We will also talk about payment options, design software that makes the process incredibly easy for people with limited business and design experience.

Everything explained in this course is in plain English. We want to be as inclusive as possible while teaching people the joy of entrepreneurship.

Hey it\’s Fei Wu from Feisworld Media. Our mission is to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams.

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Hey it’s Fei! I help small business owners package their services as digital products and sell them through YouTube and course marketing. I want to help you achieve more impact and income with less time.

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