How to create Instagram Filters with Spark AR

How to Create Instagram Filters With Spark AR

Hey guys, in this video you will learn how to create your own Instagram filter with Spark AR. I will teach you how to use templates and how to design your own design from scratch. We will go through the whole process – from design to export, how to use the filters, and finally where to find the analytics.

 Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:57 Getting started
  • 03:00 The basics of SparkAR
  • 04:00 List of available template designs, how to modify them and who they are for
  • 05:00 How to use the design space and where to add elements
  • 05:30 How to test your design on Instagram before launching
  • 07:40 How to test your design on Facebook before launching
  • 08:20 How publish your effect and filter
  • 09:06 How to record and upload a Capture Video required by Instagram filter
  • 09:16 Demo for how to record a capture video inside Instagram
  • 10:22 How to create a simple icon using Canva in a few minutes
  • 10:55 Choosing publishing date
  • 11:00 Spark AR review process and status 
  • 11:50 COOL Spark AR analytics
  • 12:50 How to use the Canva templates to design your filter overlay
  • 16:20 How to upload overlays to Spark AR and submit for approval
  • 17:35 FINALLY – Instagram filter approved, and what it looks like 
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