How to go live on Amazon Live as a YouTube Influencer

How to Go Live on Amazon Live as a YouTube Influencer

This video helps influencers understand how to apply for Amazon Influencer Program, get approved and go live for the first time.

Amazon Influencer Program quietly launched in 2017. However, it has become much more popular in recent month.

Show notes:

  • 00:00 What is Amazon LiveĀ 
  • 02:30 Amazon Live for brand vs influencers
  • 03:00 Screenshots and steps for signing up as an Amazon Influencer
  • 05:00 Amazon livestream levels – rising star, insider, A-list
  • 08:00 Going live on Amazon with Practice mode and analytics
  • 10:30 How to share your livestream
  • 12:12 Overall take and feedback on Amazon Live

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