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How to Livestream Multiple People With Zoom and Restream

What’s the best way to livestream multiple people? Restream is one of the leading multistream and simulcast software out there today. But did you know that you can connect Restream with Zoom, so that you can easily broadcast directly from Zoom to multiple platforms and social media destinations?

This is a great option if you are a podcaster, creative entrepreneur, fitness instructor, speaker – who wants to broadcast directly through zoom, or even share interviews and conversations with others while going live. Because everyone’s already so familiar with Zoom, it takes the guessing and logistics out of the process and making it super simple for you and your guests.

How to Livestream Multiple People?

  • 0:00 Why it’s a good idea to integrate Restream with Zoom
  • 0:45 Quick touch up of your face in Zoom before going live. 🙂
  • 1:35 Integrate Restream in Zoom’s custom livestream service
  • 4:35 Setting up Zoom custom livestream sevice and understand which livestream page URL to use 
  • 4:55 How to use Facebook live as livestream page URL
  • 5:45 How to create embed livestream from Restream to your website with iframe
  • 7:15 Example of multistream with Zoom and Restream
  • 9:00 Restream stats and analytics after multistream has been concluded

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