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How to Triple Podcast Views and Downloads

Turn your podcast into livestream! How to triple podcast views and downloads WITHOUT spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising? Yes, way!

Since the pandemic (March 2020 for us living in Boston, MA), I decided to live with every single podcast recording I had with my guests. It was a blunt decision. Yet not a single person said no.

 I had been a podcaster since 2014 and never thought once I’d “go live” with raw and unedited content.

If I were to do it all over again, I would have gone live since episode #1!

Multistream is what I recommend most podcasters do . This allows you to simultaneous go live on multiple channels – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc., to name a few! Social media channels are still prioritizing videos – particular livestream videos.

 This method alone allows you to connect with your audience, receive real-time feedback, comments, shares WEEKS BEFORE you podcast episode is edited and live on your regular podcast channels.

 My multistream software of choice is Restream.

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