How to use and navigate Weiyun (Tencent Drive) to send large files in China

How to Use and Navigate Weiyun (Tencent Drive) To Send Large Files in China

Video (2 of 2): How to navigate inside Weiyun, its functionalities and landscape.

To send a quick file in/to China? Follow this video (1 of 2):

Step by step instructions:


1.     (recommended) Sign up for a WeChat account (it’s free):
2.     (alternative) Sign up for QQ account (it’s free):


Whether you are working in China, or working in the US with the need to commute with clients living in China, you will inevitably run into this issue: you can’t transfer more than 25MB of files using WeChat.

Generally speaking, large file transfers can be challenging because major storage solutions in the US and worldwide such as DropBox, Google Drive, Box aren’t permitted in Mainland China.

For those of you who haven’t heard of WeChat, “WeChat’s reach and influence is unrivaled in China’s online space,” said research firm China Skinny. “It touches everything from consumers communicating with their nearest and dearest, to sharing their most special moments, to buying everything from cinema tickets to taxi rides.” according to Business Insider in 2015. Over the years the app has only become much more powerful.

When you try to transfer files over 25MB using WeChat, you are stuck! This is a dealbreaker for those who work in creative – think large image files, client presentations, and ANYTHING related to videos. Even if it’s just a teaser video of 60 secs, at a high enough resolution you’ll have no luck transfer it over.

Sure, one alternative is to reduce the quality of the video significantly. For that, you can use apps such as Video Compress. This app significantly reduces the quality of your video so it can be sent at a smaller size.

This article is about transfer/sending files larger than 25MB.


Good news is that WeiYun is run by the same company that created WeChat. Bad news is that it’s entirely in Chinese with no English translation. Also if you are using Google Translate (Chrome browser extension), it unfortunately won’t work on

However, WeiYun has a pretty good mobile app under a different name called “Tencent Drive”. The mobile app is 100% in English. If you follow the steps below, you will be able to navigate the shortest way through WeiYun, get your files uploaded and share with your people.

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