use Clubhouse to grow your business and a following

How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business and a Following

Why is everyone so into Clubhouse? And is it right for you?

In this video, my colleague Michael O’Brien explains how to use Clubhouse to grow your business and answers questions our mastermind group members had.  

If you have more questions, feel free to add them in the comment section!

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:48 Hosting rooms and clubs
  • 03:42 What Michael O’Brien sees as the most effective rooms (for best Clubhouse experience)
  • 04:00 From Clubhouse to selling merch in Michael’s store (conversion, etc.)
  • 05:38 Clubhouse allows creators to accept payments via Stripe
  • 06:47 Showing up to rooms and connecting with likeminded people
  • 08:00 Q1. Are attendees always the same?
  • 09:45 Q2. Do people find you on Clubhouse, or elsewhere prior to Clubhouse?
  • 10:47 Q3. How do people on Clubhouse find Michael’s merch store?
  • 11:48 Q4. How does Michael manage a frequent schedule on Clubhouse?
  • 15:00 Q5. Does Michael pre-schedule all his events on Clubhouse?
  • 16:00 Q6. How does Michael keep people informed when he goes live (i.e. Google calendar)?
  • 17:37 Q7. What does Michael do during his 5-min meditation session on Clubhouse?
  • 19:32 Q8. How do people generally find Michael and his room on Clubhouse?
  • 20:55 Q9. What does Michael think as the main driver for his clubhouse success?
  • 22:00 Q10. What’s the difference between being a club member vs. follower?

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