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How Zencastr Works: Step by Step Recording Guide Using Zencastr (2022)

If you are a podcaster or content recorder, there’s a chance that you’ve heard of Zencastr, “The easiest way to record your VoIP podcast interviews in studio quality.”

I wasn’t fully convinced until I downloaded the trial to fully test it out. Let me know what you think! I learned about Zencastr during Podcast Movement in Orlando. The idea was simple and very intriguing – how do podcasters record studio-quality sound when we have no control over our guest environment, or the stability of internet connections, etc.?

So I downloaded Zencastr and with the help of my partner Adam Leffert, we recorded a step-by-step guide on how to use Zencastr. The quality was quite good because…

Zencastr records audios on both ends for you and your guest. Take a look!

► Podcast Setup / Podcast Audio-Videos on YouTube (Zencastr and Zoom)

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