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Introducing Castr and how to use it with Zoom

In this video, I\’ll walk you through the basics of Castr as a multistream and simulcast software – including download, connecting social platforms, and integrating with Zoom!

If you want to livestream from #Zoom to multiple social destinations such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (Perioscope), Twitch and so many more, Castr is a great option. You can amplify your brand and your message through livestream without spending hours and days on editing.

Want to skip ahead to Zoom integration with Castr? Go straight to 7:42 

This is part of a series to introduce all of you to multistreaming and simulcasting. Coming up next: Restream and Loola. See you soon and help us spread the love by sharing this video and others you like on this channel.

Special thanks to Espree Devora for introducing me to Castr. Check out her podcast Women in Tech (#womenintech):

She interviewed me too on \”Helping Independent Creators Live Their Financial and Creative Freedom\”



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