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Jacob Lacourse from Adapt the World©: Make Something. Help Someone.


meet jacob lacourse

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Jake & Beth Lacourse

Jacob Lacourse is the founder of Adapt the World Labs., where a husband and wife team “see the benefit of using technology to help people with extra needs, and we aim to leverage technology to solve challenges and enhance the lives of the most vulnerable among us.”

As an element of their main mission, Jake and Beth Lacourse bring awareness and fundraising to a specific rare disease known as Usher syndrome.

“We are the parents of two beautiful children, one of which is two years old and has Usher Syndrome which is the leading cause of deaf-blindness. When we learned of our daughter’s disease, we immediately began thinking of ways to adapt the world to her needs to ultimately make it more accessible.”

Jake found me while I was on my documentary journey. Immediately after I finished the interview with Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible, I received an email from Jake, Winner of the 2018 Not Impossible Limitless award.

He is the director of engineering at Onset Computer with a background in product development from concept to design and through manufacturing. However, Jake had no experience in making toys and tools for kids with special needs. On this podcast, he takes us to his beginning days of setting up Adapt the World and learning how to invent new things that didn’t look great or function well at first

“Commit first, and then figure it out.” – Mick Ebeling

Is this episode for you?

  • This interview is about possibilities and solutions we can create. Yes, that’s you and those around you. We are in charge, even if we have no fancy degrees, or no “credibility”.

  • Have you been wondering about the impact you could have on your own life, as well as the lives of others? This episode is proof that we all can make a big difference today, if you choose to take actions.

  • We can thrive and we can limit ourselves based on our own narratives and beliefs. You may never meet Jake (our podcast guest) in person, but he will move and spark something in you. I can’t wait to hear about it.

“We are not afraid to commit to something and figure out along the way how to get it done, we have committed to adapting the world to meet our daughter’s needs and truly feel that we can help many in the process.” – Jacob Lacourse

Show Notes

  • [05:00] Can you share the story of your daughter with us?

  • [08:00] You’ve taken this journey of helping, with your engineering expertise, to help other children with Usher syndrome, not only your daughter. Could you tell us how did you start with that?

  • [11:00] Do you remember how the first iteration of the toy was?

  • [12:00] What was your daughter’s first reaction to the toy?

  • [14:00] You don’t have any degrees or training in education, psychology, toy making, or medicine, yet you are building this toys to improve the lives of thousands of kids, and figuring things out as you go. How does that feel?

  • [16:00] How did you pitch your idea to other people?

  • [19:00] How does it feel to be able to help other people in the same situation?

  • [20:00] What’s your current relationship with Not Impossible Labs?

  • [22:00] How did it feel to connect with Mick and get some appreciation for what you were building?

  • [25:00] What is your engineering background?

  • [27:00] How do you think about marketing and what are some of the strategies you are using to get your word out?

  • [29:00] What are the next steps for this project?


We are telling the world about Usher syndrome.

Usher Syndrome Society

Usher Syndrome Coalition


Our friends at the foundation fighting blindness are working on cures to fight blindness. 

Foundation fighting blindness


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