John Haggerty

John Haggerty: How Broadway Actors Work As Standardized Patient (#149)

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Our Guest Today: John Haggerty

Meet John Haggerty, a Broadway-trained actor who leverages his acting skills to help medical students how to better interact with their patients in New York City.

The name of that job? Standardized patient, and he loves it.

John Haggerty is a long time friend of mine since 2003, who has appeared on a much earlier episode on Feisworld (#7, what?!)

John has appeared on Les Miserable, King and I, Living Room, Yoshimi Battles and Pink Robot. Most recently at the Armory in Portland Oregon, John acted in a play called Kodachrome.

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To learn more about John Haggerty, visit his website, and he tweets occasionally @johaggs

To learn more about our co-host Adam Leffert (producer and freelance C# .Net Web Developer), visit his website or email him at [email protected].

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