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Lawrence Chau on Justice for Vincent and Working as an Asian American Actor/Host/Writer/Producer (#241)

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Meet Our Guest Today: Lawrence Chau

Lawrence Chau is an award-winning TV host with credits spanning Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the US. In America, he is most known as the host of the paranormal series Ghostly Encounters (Destination America)

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Lawrence’s origin stories – his upbringing and early days as a journalist before working as an actor and producer
  • Lawrence’s latest work “Justice for Vincent” as a writer and producer – and why it isn’t only about social justice for Asian Americans
  • How Lawrence has been able to promote his film “Justice for Vincent”, the success and challenges that come with marketing an independent film
  • The making of “Justice for Vincent” in just two days!
  • What’s next for Asian American films (Lawrence’s prediction)
  • What it’s like to work as an Asian American actor, producer, and host
  • The 2020 Oscar and the winning Asian film “Parasite”

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