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My Unforgettable Trip to the Dragon-Phoenix Temple in Liaoyang, China (Part 1)

In December 2018, I took a trip to Liaoyang, China with my videographer Dan Cooper and my mom Xiang Li. We were invited to stay at a beautiful local temple named The Dragon-Phoenix Temple for a few nights. During our stay, we were greeted by the monks. The rituals fascinated us so we shot some videos, with their permissions of course. More than two years later, I’m publishing these videos (this is part 1 of 2) for the first time to share with you right here on YouTube.

This is a different type of video as you can tell. I figured that so many of us can use a break to breathe and to reflect. I hope this video makes you feel 10% better so you can go about your day feeling a little more at ease.  


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