Nonstop Dan: How You Can Travel the World on Below-Average Income

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About Our Guest

Nonstop Dan started his YouTube channel at age of 12. Since then, he continued to produce engaging content on YouTube (226K subscribers as of October 2018) and travel around the world (often in first and business class) while earning a below-average income (i.e. based on US income average as of 2018). By the way, he’s only 20 years old!

Who is this guy? How does he do it?

Exactly. This is why I had to invite Nonstop Dan to the podcast.

This podcast is for you if you want to start traveling, or to travel more but haven’t been able to because of money, time, or a combination of both.

If you believe travel is only reserved for the rich, think agin.  

This podcast is also for you if you are a creator struggling to improve your content, engagement and grow your audience. On many levels, I find this part of the conversation even more compelling than world travel.

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to explore the world. There are endless cultures to see, places to explore and mind-opening conversations to have. I want to live a life without regret, not limiting myself by the "impossible".  - Nonstop Dan

Learn more about Dan by visiting his popular YouTube channel, Instagram, and his website.

Show Notes

Part 1

  • [06:00] You live in Sweden and have an American accent, how come?

  • [07:00] Who are you and what are you known for?

  • [09:00] How did you grow your YouTube channel and what is your business model behind it?

  • [12:00] You are still a college student, how do you manage to attend school and travel full time?

  • [13:00] What were some of the things that you learned in college and you applied to your own business?

  • [15:00] How has your audience and message evolved over time?

  • [16:00] When you switched to engaging with your audience in a more unique way, what were some of the reactions/feedback?

  • [18:00] What is it like to be known or a bit famous?

  • [21:00] How old were you when you started your channel and what was your intention back then?

  • [24:00] How do you see and measure your own progress? What does progress look like for you?

  • [26:00] How do you deal with negative feedback?

  • [29:00] You had a major change in your videos, from ‘dan behind the camera’ to ‘dan in front of the camera’ that was very well received. How did that transition come about?


Part 2

  • [37:00] Do you think that being part of the LGBT community leveraged you or your creative process?

  • [39:00] How did you balance going for a niche audience vs targeting people for a more general audience?

  • [45:00] What would people get started if they want to travel for free or for cheap?

  • [51:00] What are some of the best credit cards in 2018?

  • [53:00] How does someone go from applying for a credit card, getting 60,000 points to flying business class?

  • [54:00] What are some of your favorite airlines?

  • [55:00] What are some of your favorite places that you’d recommend?

  • [57:00] What are some of the creators you follow or that resonate with you?

  • [60:00] How could people connect with you?

Favorite Quotes

[15:00] Especially to young people: it’s such a numbers game, everyone is caught up in numbers and trying to get as many followers as possible. But what we don’t realize is that people can have a ton of followers but they can have very little influence, and people can also have 1000 followers but can have more influence than someone with 100,000 followers, just because they connect with their audience on another level.

[17:00] I can understand what effect that has on my audience by just feeling that I am hearing them. I do care about them and I am not just there for the numbers or for the influence.

[20:00] You are the same as everyone else who is watching your videos, and the best thing you can do is to help them and support them and be kind.

[25:00] What YouTube has really done is to give me confidence that whatever I pursue in my life I will improve that, and I have the chance of succeeding. Even if I suck at something in the start, it’s almost guaranteed that I will get better as long as I stick with it. The one thing I really learned from my time there is perseverance.

[46:00] The biggest problem that I always notice is the mentality. SO many people think that they can’t travel. They go on vacation once a year and that’s it. They say they want to travel but there’s a block somewhere.

[57:00] Anything you watch can be a learning experience. You could watch the most seemingly worthless YouTube videos or programs, but there’s a reason you are watching them, they are probably quite popular, they are doing something right and if you can figure out what that is and adapt it to what you want to do, I think it’s very valuable.

[59:00] Even if you are young, don’t let your age stop you, don’t postpone things until you are older, until you are ready or you are not prepared. Even if you are 10. If you have a passion, that’s such a blessing to start with. Use that passion and try to express it, do something creative with it. It’s even more rewarding than the passion in itself.


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