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I’m Going to Orlando for a Week and Here’s Why…

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I’m waiting at the airport lounge to head to Orlando, Florida for one week, where Podcast Movement is hosting their 5th annual conference welcoming podcasters from all around the world. It’s my first time joining this type of events, and I’ll excited to share my learning live on Instagram.

I’ll also finaly be able to meet some of my guests interviewed on the podcast: Jordan Harbinger talked to me about rebuilding his very popular podcast from the ground up due to an unexpected and unfortunate event a year ago. Recently I interviewed Joanne Penn from the Creative Penn, a podcaster and writer who’s making multi-six figures after writing 30 books of her own. The episode isn’t live yet, but I think you’ll really enjoy it if you’d like to learn about scalable and passive income.

If you are also coming to Podcast Movement, please drop me a line, I’d love to say hi!

Since I returned to Boston in mid June, a number of new opportunities came through as a result of running the podcast, as well as sending out newsletters every once in a while. Seriously, if you haven’t started an email list, do it today! I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit about two years ago and it was the best decision for email marketing. ConvertKit uses segments and tags to really help you understand your audience with an easy learning curve. I’ll be writing more on this topic soon.

I made a promise to myself to focus more on scalable income this year. This means that in addition to taking on regular consulting clients where I get paid by the hour or by the project (aka trading my time for money), I’ll be developing online courses, growing the podcaster mastermind and building out a few affiliate programs. As a result I’ll be interviewing a few folks who are already doing well in the scalable income department and are willing to share with the Feisworld audience.

Look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you for helping us make the show better!



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