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Shear Madness 40th Anniversary Boston Charles Playhouse Interview

To celebrate America’s longest running show “Shear Madness” and its 40th Anniversary, we had the opportunity to go backstage and interview co-creators Bruce Jordan and Marilyn Abrams, as well as longtime Shear Madness actors Patrick Shea, Celeste Oliva, Chandra Pieragostini and Joe Ruscio inside the Boston Charles Playhouse, where Shear Madness started back in 1980!

My associate producer Adam Leffert (who’s also a software developer when he isn’t working on Feisworld) shot most of the footage. We were both overjoyed by the hospitality from the Shear Madness crew. We instantly felt like that we were part of the family.

Bruce and Marilyn didn’t hesitate for us to use their main stage inside the Charles Playhouse, where it all began for Shear Madness.

Learn more about the show:



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