The future of this Youtube Channel

The Future of This Channel – What’s Next?

Hey guys, I’ve been sharing a ton of tips and tutorials on #zoom, #PPP, #PUA in the past few months. I’m so pleased to build an audience here on YouTube, in a way I never thought would be possible. 110K views a month (over 1M impressions), gaining 1K subscribers each month, hundreds of comments and thousands of shares…

Deep down I’ve always known that Zoom and the Cares Act aren’t my only topics here on YouTube. I want to be true to my brand and tell you about my plan in the next few months. I really hope you will stick around!

If you are a fitness or a creative entrepreneur, I promise you the content will be more than worthwhile. I’ll be showing you many of the livestream tools beyond Zoom, best practices to build your brand and run your business online, during and after the pandemic.

much love,


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