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Writesonic: Do AI Writers Actually Work? I Did a Test and Here’s What I Found.

I don’t know about you, but I often had those days where I was stuck writing even just an Instagram caption. And I love writing. 

Last year I discovered Writesonic, an AI writing tool for all your marketing needs. It might sound like a big promise, but they really have a multitude of functions: Facebook ads, Amazon products, YouTube title, emails… The list goes on. I want to show you some of the functions they have and how to use them in this video

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:23 Landing page 
  • 03:39 Pricing
  • 03:13 Writing Tools
  • 04:47 Demo how to AI generate Facebook ads
  • 07:27 How to bookmark a preferred option
  • 09:18 AI Writer Demo
  • 15:37 Text summary
  • 16:41 How to generate Listicle ideas

But recently I found out Writesonic can also help you write long-form content. I tried their new Article Writer function to draft articles and blog posts – not a paragraph, not an intro, the WHOLE article – in just a few seconds! And they are SEO-optimized too. Here’s a realtime walkthrough of the tool

I still don’t know if you should use AI for everything, but it’s for sure a great way to get you unstuck and reduce your workload. 

For SEO considerations, I recommend anyone to use AI writers such as WriteSonic for drafting purposes. Before you publish the content as-is, it’s best to review and revise AI content as needed to make it better and more SEO-friendly.

What are your thoughts on AI generated content?

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