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YouTube Brand Deals Types and Media Kit Best Practices

In this video I show how I work with brands and sponsors.

Types of Sponsored Videos

  • Video mentions: by definition, the sponsored brand is mentioned 1-2 times inside the video. Most ads are 15-30 seconds long
  • Integrated videos: the brand (its services and products) are fully integrated in the video. In short, the video is about the brand, not just a mention.
  • YouTube #shorts: given the rise of short form content popularity, we have seen more creators working with brands on YouTube shorts.

Media Kit

It’s common for influencers and creators to have a media kit where they can present information around their followers/fans, and how they can be of contribution to the brands.

Similarly it’s a great idea for YouTubers to also have a Media Kit, see example from Feisworld.

There is no set format for how to create a Media Kit. In addition to the cookie cutter layout with basic information, I highly recommend creators to think about what makes them stand out from the crowd.

As for me and for Feisworld, our experience in digital marketing and project management have been favored by brands on top of the styles of our videos. We understand and thrive on the process of video content creation. All our videos are delivered on time, on budget and according to the agreed upon approach. For that reason, not only do brands love working with us, we are often asked to create series of videos and have many recurring brand customers.

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