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YouTube Key Moments: How to Use It to Increase Ranking and Watch Time

In this video, I’ll teach you how to navigate YouTube Key Moments to help you:

  1. Create more engaging content
  2. Improve existing video quality and reach 
  3. Increase YouTube watch time to rank faster and get paid more!

Show Note:

  • 00:00 What’s YouTube key moment and how it helps you as a YouTuber
  • 02:07 Intro
  • 02:34 Continuous segment
  • 03:12 Spike
  • 04:15 Dip
  • 05:30 Summary
  • 07:19 Case study with BJ Miller livestream
  • 08:45 See more “advanced analytics” for Key Moments
  • 11:17 Case study with Chris Voss livestream
  • 12:14 Case study with Gustav Serafini livestream

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