Zoom Webinar Tips and Setup for LARGE meetings

Zoom Webinar Tips and Setup for Large Meetings

Recently I conducted a Zoom webinar with thousands of attendees – I wish I had a training guide and checklist like this to walk me through all the technical and non-technical details prior to running the session. Instead, I created this video from my experience after concluding a very successful session.  

Make sure to watch this video from beginning to end to get ALL THE TIPS, screen walkthrough via Zoom Webinar to get the most benefits. Share with a colleague, client, friend – and use this as a must-have training material before you run any big (or small) Zoom webinars.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:30 Screen-walkthrough – My View vs. Attendee View (the ultimate setup!)
  • 04:00 How to spotlight someone, and remove them from spotlight
  • 04:30 Live Transcript for live webinars
  • 05:00 “More” options to Mute Panelists Upon Entry
  • 06:00 Chat feature for large webinars
  • 06:45 A time keeper for your webinar, or use our Zoom timers
  • 07:30 the important of analog tracking with pen and paper
  • 07:45 How to prepare for questions as a moderator
  • 08:15 Sound check for your environment – and who to inform before your big webinar
  • 08:40 KRISP – the must have tool for any Zoom webinar or meeting to remove background sound
  • 09:30 Clean up your desk and keep things organized
  • 10:00 The important of having a secondary monitoring device
  • 10:30 Feisworld consulting for Zoom meeting and webinars to work with you 1:1
  • 11:00 Extra tips – losing your internet, power, communications with your team

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