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YouTube Shorts case study

Dorie Clark

Dorie recorded 10 Shorts for us to edit and publish on her YouTube channel over the course of one month. Here’s what we learned.

Impact on Dorie’s YouTube Channel

6,200 subscribers, focused on marketing, branding, social media, and personal branding.


The channel received 6,900 views more than usual (2,300 views or 300% growth) 


Unique viewers were 8,000, resulting in a 699% growth 

3 in 4

3 in 4 or 78% of all views come from Shorts (compared to 17% from regular videos, 4-5% from livestream) 

8 in 10

8 of the Top 10 videos in this period were Shorts 

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Content Repurposing on LinkedIn

Impact of YouTube Shorts on LinkedIn

The same shorts are outperforming on LinkedIn as well.

  • Shorts are receiving 80+ comments on average, and 
  • More reposts compared to other types of content
Content Repurposing on Instagram

Impact of YouTube Shorts on Instagram

The same shorts are repurposed and growing on Dorie’s Instagram account. Repurposed YouTube Shorts receive over 4K views (each!) as Instagram reels, compared to the usual few hundred views on regular video content.