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12 Reasons to Livestream Your Podcast

I’ve had a podcast since 2014. After releasing more than 250 episodes, I wish I had gone live with every single episode (as long as my guest gave me the permission). In this video, I’ll talk about the 12 reasons and HUGE benefits you should go live with your podcast today.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:28 1. Livestream reduce production time and cost
  • 00:51 2. Creating engaging content on the spot (be more spontaneous!)
  • 01:09 3. Brand the livestream as you wish
  • 01:51 4. Seen as a podcast pro
  • 02:42 5. You and your guest are learning something together
  • 03:17 6. You can market livestream as a service you offer (and teach others how to do the same)
  • 03:38 7. Drive more interest to your show
  • 04:16 8. Livestream attracts more guests
  • 04:46 9. Livestream works for more than just podcasting (many other industries too)
  • 05:42 10. Repurpose livestream content as regular podcast episodes
  • 07:00 11. Unedited vs Edited content, reaching difference audiences
  • 08:55 12. Going live with Restream on more than 30 platforms and grow your audience worldwide

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