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10 Common Deductions for Self-Employed (2023)

It’s the tax season! In this video, I want to address my core audience – content creators (YouTubers, Podcasters, Authors and Speakers) on what they need to know to maximize their tax deductions. In turn, you’ll keep more money you make. 

This video is sponsored by FOUND, an all-in-one business banking app for self-employed to maximize deduction. Because everything is categorized and organized at the end of the year, Found makes filing taxes really easy too. Check it out: https://get.found.app/fei

This video is inspired by this guide created by Found.app: https://found.app/guides/common-deductions-for-freelancers

Show notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:44 Phone Bills
  • 02:28 Software
  • 03:10 Office supplies 
  • 03:46 Office and venue rent 
  • 04:35 Contract labor 
  • 05:28 Car expenses 
  • 06:06 Marketing and advertising 
  • 06:58 Health insurance 
  • 07:17 Business meals 
  • 08:00 Business travel

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