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13 tips every HYBRID Zoom host and moderator should know

In this video I’ll teach you the 13 tips to optimize your hybrid Zoom meetings. Hint: these aren’t the technical setup (we have a separate video for that), instead I want to teach you the project management, facilitation, body language aspect of running a success virtual meeting. Humanizing your meetings is key to drive high engagements and positive results.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:15 1. Remember to look into the camera
  • 00:45 2. Introduce attendees
  • 01:30 3. Encourage attendees to update their names
  • 02:05 4. Ask attendees to turn on their cameras (for active sessions)
  • 03:14 5. Have a clear agenda
  • 04:13 6. Create a positive learning and feedback environment
  • 06:00 7. Active listening maters
  • 07:30 8. Use helpful Zoom features to engage hybrid attendees
  • 08:28 9. Zoom breakouts can still work if done right
  • 10:09 10. Effective Zoom games for hybrid sessions
  • 11:55 12. Always test your setup
  • 12:20 13. Try the State Change Method by Wes Kao

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