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Year of the Tiger: What Habits Are You Developing This Year? (#299)

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Happy Chinese New Year! In the past few days, I’ve received a lot of greetings from the East and the West to celebrate Chinese New Year, an important tradition that has become more well known outside of China. Before we go any further, I wish you and your family a wonderful year, decade and life ahead, filled with joy, wealth and health.

I hope the desire of learning more about one another’s culture also gives us an excuse to create more shared celebrations.

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Hi there. This is Fei from Feisworld podcast. So today’s Friday. As you’re listening to this, if you are getting our episodes and listening right away that is and I’m trying and experimenting something different because that I have shifted my energy so much to my YouTube channel. It is sometimes really hard, honestly speaking, to focus on all the other things that are also important, whether it be podcasting or social media.

So in today’s episode, episode 299 isn’t that special. I’m going to try to basically recap and maybe read my latest newsletter which I sent out just a couple of days ago. And when you set up a newsletter, sometimes your mind just goes to these insane places to think that every word has to matter. You got to reread everything a million times and you kind of cringe over the typo or I don’t know, ill sentence or like the imperfections in a newsletter. Whereas why not for us to embrace something where we can have fun with the audience.

And I encourage you, if you’re listening to this on anchor or wherever you are, if there is a comment capability, I know there is one for Anchor. Please let us know your feedback, your thoughts. And I also want to take this opportunity to also answer questions. Sometimes I get feedback from folks when I send the email and that you should get responses within 24 to 48 hours. It’s really special.

I don’t want to over edit these episodes just to show you guys how raw, authentic these moments and experiences could be. Here we go. So on February 1, which wasn’t long ago, we celebrated the Chinese New Year. So that’s kind of the beginning of what I want to share because in the past few days I’ve received a lot of greetings from the east and the west to celebrate Chinese New Year. And before we go any further, I want to wish all of you listeners and your families a wonderful New Year decade and life ahead, filled with joy, wealth and health.

I hope the desire of learning more about one another’s culture will give us this excuse, or more excuses in general, to create shared experiences and celebrations. So back to the subject of what I’m trying to COVID today, which is, you know, Happy New Year and it’s the year of the Tiger. What you often hear is roar. And tigers have to roar, but generally they can’t really purr, technically speaking. And by the way, I never really own a cat, so only recently did I find out that purring is a sign of contentment.

But as an entrepreneur, we’re small business owners, we rarely talk about contentment. Is that true? Instead, we fight like tigers and we’re so proud of it. Some of the characteristic traits of tigers include being courageous and competitive, always ready for a challenge, always optimizing. These trades somehow feel necessary to survive and thrive.

But is it possible that some of us may have taken it too far more revenue, better profit margins, lower expenses, maximizing productivity better in 2022 than 21 better in February than January aimed that exhausting. We are trained to do things this way to grow our business, to find shortcuts. Ironically, when we do succeed we quickly fill the freedom and time we earned with yet another challenge. Guilty as charged. I definitely can be intensity overconsistency type of entrepreneur and it served me well in the past but I’m ready for a challenge and ready for a change to take my team and I to the next level, create bigger impacts and have more fun and frankly, have a little more free time.

Breaking patterns is no easy task like my friend Michael like you said, behaviors change beliefs, not the other way around and I’m going to start with my habits I need to train myself to be more content with what I have, what I have created to be more intentional with how I spend my time. So instead of going after more onetoone consulting clients this year I want to create onetoone relationships and teaching opportunities and by the way that’s why I created the Face World Academy it’s not easy when you change the course you often experience the dip before success and I’ve already learned so much along the way. I still haven’t read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear but I love the quote below shared by James in a conversation with Brunette Brown in her podcast unlocking us the interior of behavior change and building better habits is your identity. Each action you perform is driven by fundamental belief that it is possible. So if you change your identity, the type of person that you believe that you are, then it’s easier to change your actions.

As for me, some of the changes also need to be reflected on my website. It helps change the conversations when people do find me through YouTube podcasts, social media word of mouth so my new business model in this year 2022 is to focus on helping small business owners craft video content to showcase their products and services and to grow their customer base with YouTube strategies designed to meet their business needs. That’s when it gets interesting and where it gets interesting. For small businesses, YouTube’s magic isn’t about impressive views and gaining virality or going viral. Instead it’s about targeting their niche audience drive high quality traffic and leads from YouTube to their products and services.

While this is a DFY done for you service that is part of here at Face World my team and I have created a system that’s easy to follow and to manage and to generate incredible outcomes for our clients. For anyone else who prefer a DIY do it for yourself or do it yourself approach we have a number of free and low cost resources to jumpstart your creative careers as profitable small YouTubers on Podia and Phase World Academy by the way, is located at Feisworld So in the upcoming weeks and months, I will be sharing relatable success stories from Phase World tried and true tips and tricks to fully leverage video marketing to growth hack your small business. And as always, I want to hear your comments wherever you’re listening to this that will mean so much. And lastly, a couple of questions that rushed in.

One is Faye, I noticed that you were talking about your business authentically without necessarily mentioning the words like, I’m going to grow your business, help you guarantee your success. I know that sounds like very much off our brand, because it is. I believe that I’m here to enable you, to help you to be your friend along the way. You know, that really means a lot. I’m not here to suggest or guarantee, you really have to come along the ride.

By the way. I really believe that there is no shortcut for all the time we’ve been looking for shortcuts. We could have just found the way, our path and be at a relative destination. I really don’t believe there’s a permanent destination, but we hit these milestones along the way. We even have to parallel path or take a few steps backwards sometimes.

But it’s really important that my brand is a reflection of who I am, my own identity, as we talked about earlier. So authenticity and talking to you as a friend really matters. Think about it for a second. You have a successful friend, someone who’s done it well for themselves, for their families. Do you want that person to lecture you, to shout at you, to point at you, point at other people, to say that you should follow this path?

And what is wrong with you? I think there’s a lot of fear associated with what we’re doing as creative entrepreneurs. So that leads to the second question. A gentleman sent a really friendly message about how to overcome fear. And is there a way to set up a phone call to work with me one on one?

The answer is, even though I don’t really take on a ton of marketing mentorship or creative mentorship clients anymore, every once in a while I do offer consulting. So if that interests you, you can go to, that is, and you can scroll all the way to the bottom, which is a footer of my website. You can book 30 or 60 Minutes sessions with me. And I apologize for not being able to take on a lot of these phone calls anymore, having these free consultations, because my time simply wouldn’t allow for that to happen at this point. But I want to leverage this podcast to offer any advice, free advice and tips and tricks and answer questions that come straight from you guys.

So in terms of overcoming fear, there’s something about setting yourself emotion, joining a community that you can trust. So speaking of community, the two communities that I do love. A manager also on Podia, so feisworld, and I’m still learning how to really run a community and make it really vibrant and engaging. So I’m definitely looking for people who want to moderate the sessions with me to join. Currently we’re focusing on Zoom and virtual meeting setups surrounding Zoom but also tools adjacent to Zoom to make it more helpful, more powerful.

And then secondarily, or in parallel to that really, it’s a YouTube strategy piece for small business owners, creative entrepreneurs to really leverage YouTube to get their messages, get their products and services out there. It’s so powerful because at the end of the day, again, I’ve said this before, google is the company that bought YouTube. So by being on YouTube you are on Google and that’s where you want to rank for the niche expertise you want to target or at the beginning. Start a little bit broader to do things you’re passionate about. To talk about things that you really enjoy and love and then over time to narrow in and narrow down to the audience that you can serve the very best I would say.

People say how long does it take? Well, for me maybe I’m kind of a slow boomer and I took about six months to a year to produce content consistently and before I realized who I really want to serve and those are the creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. So thank you so much for listening to this episode. You’re time is so precious and as always I want to deliver value to you. Welcome your questions and feedback and I’ll see you next week.

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