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17 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel That WORKS IN 2022

In this video, I\’m going to walk you through the 17 uncommon tips to grow your channel and monetize FAST in 2020.

Besides the common tips such as consistency, niche down, hit record early, I learned a number of tips that aren\’t often talked about among popular YouTubers.

Watch the entire video to gain the most benefit! Please I\’ll be sharing the ONE breakthrough (or aka take-off) video on my channel, and what I decided to do AFTER that actually made a huge difference.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Introduction & how I structured this video

  • 00:50 1. Start recording and working on being YOU

  • 01:50 2. Ask people to subscribe earlier on in the video

  • 02:19 3. Visual indicator within the video to remind people to subscribe

  • 02:55 4. Compelling thumbnails

  • 04:32 5. Use TubeBuddy

  • 05:28 6. Be a teacher

  • 06:24 7. Focus on a relative niche

  • 07:49 8. Find your take-off video

  • 09:07 9. Engage with comments

  • 09:37 10. Follow-up content

  • 10:23 11. Consider Collaboration earlier on

  • 11:36 12. Check your gear and upgrade later on

  • 12:02 13. How to pivot to other topics and categories

  • 13:30 14. Try new topics

  • 15:00 15. Consistency

  • 16:24 16 Stay organized

  • 17:10 Understand analytics

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