Zoom Mistakes You Should Know

20 Zoom Mistakes You Should Know (And How to Fix Them)

In this video I want to summarize the 20 most common Zoom mistakes I’ve noticed to date across different Zoom meetings and industries. In addition to sharing these mistakes and observations, I’m also offering tips and solutions you can consider to fix them once and for good.

Let me know if any tips here are helpful and consider sharing them with your colleagues and friends.

20 Zoom Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:40 Tip 1: Tech Fail – Check Zoom updates on a weekly basis
  • 03:90 Tip 2: Prepare ahead of time
  • 03:44 Tip 3: Represent your brand well
  • 04:30 Tip 4: Don’t take off your video all the time  
  • 05:14 Tip 5: Zoom isn’t always necessary
  • 05:50 Tip 6: Mute yourself when you are not speaking
  • 06:20 Tip 7: You are on mute all the time
  • 07:15 Tip 8: Don’t take up the entire time
  • 08:24 Tip 9: Private messages aren’t always private
  • 09:00 Tip 10: Doing something else while Zooming can be a bad habit
  • 09:44 Tip 11: You are treating Zoom as less formal 
  • 10:23 Tip 12: You are joining Zoom late
  • 11:33 Tip 14: Make sure to look into the camera  

  • 12:35 Tip 15: Virtual background
  • 13:35 Tip 16: Headphone are important sometimes

  • 13:50 Tip 17:  Be careful with Zoom bombers
  • 15:47 Tip 18: Turn off computer and cell phone notifications
  • 16:20 Tip 19: Don’t keep sharing your screen all the time
  • 17:24 Tip 20: Engage your audience

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