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[2020] #Streamlabs OBS Basics (Scenes, Sources, Spotify) Zumba, Dance

We\’ve seen some growing popularity among #Zumba, #Dance and Fitness Teachers who choose zoom-alternative platforms for creative setup, better sound and videos. So I began experimenting with Twitch, Facebook and a few others using OBS and Streamlabs OBS.

Show notes:

1:13: Downloading and Getting Started with Streamlabs OBS (www.streamlabs.com)

1:53: Setting up your scene from scratch

2:15: Adding your first few sources (remember you don\’t need to add so many when you start! Get fancier as you get more comfortable)

4:30: Create the epic Spotify window displaying music in your stream

7:13: Let\’s go live so you see what it looks like

9:38: Quick tour of Streamlabs OBS features for Donations, Merch!

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How to use OBS to livestream on Twitch: https://youtu.be/nib56HsZjTM

How to use iShowU (SWB) for audio capture on OBS and Streamlabs OBS: https://youtu.be/kb1knCMrY_o

In this video, I\’m going to demonstrate the download, initial setup from scratch using Streamlabs OBS – the MVP (minimal viable product) and setup to stream your lessons to a variety of destinations, in under 10 minutes.

Streamlabs OBS is free opensource software, and it comes packed with templates, features for donations, selling merch, etc., I couldn\’t help demonstrating what you could potentially do with such a powerful tool.

As a BONUS tutorial, I\’ll show you how to set up Spotify window as part of your livestream – it\’s super cool and eye-catchy!




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