5 Tips To Use AI Article Writer the RIGHT way - AVOID these mistakes

5 Tips to Use AI Article Writer the Right Way – Avoid These Mistakes

What Is an AI Article Writer?

An AI article writer (such as WriteSonic or Jasper) is a tool that use AI to draft an entire piece of long-form writing, such as an article or a blog post automatically. For example, you can enter a single keyword or phrase for AI article writer to generate various outlines to review, and from there, an AI article writer can complete an entire blog post of nearly any length. The process takes minutes, not hours or days. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there are a few catches and tips below to help you use these AI article writers the right away. 

Google SEO Impact With AI Article Writer

First, let’s understand how AI article writers impact SEO on Google

In August 2022, Google released their update and guideline around What creators should know about Google’s helpful content update. The key takeaways among other helpful tips is to focus on: 

People first content, and Avoid creating content for search engines first – specifically, one of the questions prompts “Are you using extensive automation to produce content on many topics?”  

Google Helpful Content Update 2022. Why AI Article Writer can be dangerous.
Google Helpful Content Update (September 2022)

If we break down this question further, Google isn’t asking us to never, ever use AI article writers, but to avoid extensive usage. 

By extensive, my interpretation is bloggers who use too much if not all the content written by AI article writers with limited to no input of their own. That can be problematic. 

While bloggers and experts continue to debate as to what extend Google will penalize AI content, or if Google is even capable of detecting AI content in the first place, I think it’s fair for us to assume that presenting your content with no human touch is likely no good, and it can even hurt your ranking and visibility on Google (still the largest search engine in the world). 

These 5 tips will help you use AI article writers the right way. More importantly, it’ll help you build better habits in the long run. 

5 Tips to Use an AI Writer the Right Way

1. Don’t get rid of your SEO writers 

For those of you who have been working with good SEO and content writers, don’t fire them. It can be tempting to want to save budgets on content creation by using AI article writers entirely, but it isn’t wise. Instead, consider partnering with your human SEO writers to leverage AI article writers for specific tasks if it helps, such as ideating topics and titles, building out only parts of the content as drafts for human review and revisions. 

In short, AI article writers can make part of your process more efficient, but it does not replace actual writers at all, not even close in my opinion, if your goals are to produce high quality, on brand, human-driven content.  

2. Don’t just copy and paste the entire AI article writer content into a blog post 

This part may sound trivial but we’ve all seen it (and some of us may have even done it). Just because the AI content looks ok in the first or second paragraphs, it doesn’t mean it’ll flow or remain engaging for the remaining body content. Worse yet, AI writing may not present relevant or even accurate content if it’s not verified. 

3. AI article writer content require human intervention and proper review 

We live in a world that thrives on productivity and completing tasks in the shortest time possible. This expectation and behavior are built in and deeply ingrained in our psyche. 

A meal that takes hours to make can be done in a microwave in 5 minutes. But do they taste the same? After all these years of technical improvements, microwaves have not replaced your favorite meals prepared by your mom or grandma the old school way, I hope? 

The same is true with content creation. Faster doesn’t necessarily mean better. When you release a mediocre content indexed by Google, it won’t get noticed and it will not rank. Few have talked about writing as a balancing act but I believe it is. 

It will hurt you if you are a perfectionist, but it’ll also hurt you if you pay attention only to volume, speed and nothing else. 

AI article writers are powerful tools if they are used the right way. 

4. Plan your content on your own or with an AI Writer 

By no means do I think AI article writers are all bad. In fact, they can be incredibly powerful in helping you:

  • Plan new content 
  • Repurpose existing content 
  • Explore new topics 
  • Overcome writer’s blocks 

And much more… 

It’s better to think of AI article writers as one of several powerful tools in your content creation toolbox, but it doesn’t replace all your resources and ways of creating great content. 

5. Do your research outside of AI article writer 

One of the final tips for today is to do your research outside of AI article writer. This is true for most content, but especially those that rely on research, facts, and involve intricate details and human interpretation. 

In addition, you want to be sure to verify any data suggested by AI article writer. 

Occasionally and depending on the AI article writer you are using, it may pull data, facts from resources unknown to us, and outside of our control. That’s right, most AI article writers are still blackboxes to us. So you have to pay attention to details, correct or remove them altogether.  

Just because it’s an AI article writer and in some ways, it can be smarter than we are,  we can’t take it for granted and rely on it 100%. Not today, and probably not in the near future. 

What’s Next?

I hope this article helps instill confidence in you as a writer, creator, content strategist, and confirms approaches that may not be most time effective, yet necessary in creating content that meet your objectives, your business goals, and above all, help your readers who are lucky enough to stumble upon your content. 

The AI article writer I’ve used is WriteSonic (it’s easy to use and quite affordable) to get started. Check out this post with my WriteSonic review and walkthrough 2022.

What have you learned about AI article writers, and AI content creation in general? Please drop me a comment below and let’s start a conversation. 

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