6 EASY Ways To Use QR Code To Grow Your Small Business

6 Easy Ways to Use Qr Code to Grow Your Small Business

QR codes can help you connect with your customers and keep them engaged. In this video, I will explain what they are, how to create them and 6 easy ways to use QR code to grow your business.

Easy ways to use QR code – Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro to why QR Code matters
  • 01:30 QR Code in the Sky (in Shanghai, China)
  • 02:10 Static vs. Dynamic QR codes
  • 02:50 Different uses of QR codes for businesses
  • 03:05 How to display a menu or document with QR code
  • 03:58 How to create vCard (business cards) with QR code
  • 05:26 How to link to LinkTree and social media using QR code
  • 06:24 How to reference a YouTube video using QR code
  • 07:18 How to send an email using QR code

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