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6 reasons to be on TikTok right now (to grow your business)

No, you don\’t have to give up on YouTube (which still is and will remain to be my favorite platform as the core of my business and content creation journey). TikTok is simply another platform to expose your existing content. The more you can repurpose, the more mileage you can get out of your hard worked content, and drive quality leads to your business. 

Show Notes:

00:00 intro

00:30 Reason 1. TikTok gives you free, organic traffic

01:45 My experiments on TikTok

04:23 Reason 2. Repurpose your content easily on TikTok

05:05 Reason 3. TikTok doesn\’t have to take much time

05:37 Reason 4. TikTok is no longer for teens – people like YOU are there too!

06:04 Reason 5. TikTok can help grow your business and brand

06:45 Reason 6. TikTok can expose you and your content to a new audience


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BJ Miller MD



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