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7 Tips for Hosting Effective Zoom Breakout Rooms

There are quite a number of videos about Zoom breakout rooms on YouTube, this one is different. Instead of how-to use Zoom breakout, you’ll learn 7 tips to conduct more effective breakout rooms, get more done, and look good as a Zoom host and meeting facilitator.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro and quick tips
  • 02:20 Tip 1: How many people to have in a breakout
  • 02:55 Tip 2: Why it’s important to have a clear agenda
  • 04:05 How to set up agenda on a virtual background in Zoom using Canva
  • 04:30 Tip 3: How to keep track of time inside a Zoom breakout
  • 05:30 Tip 4: How to assign people quickly for breakout rooms
  • 06:30 Tip 5: How to take advantage of Zoom’s pre-assign feature
  • 08:30 Tip 6: Knowing when NOT to use Zoom breakout
  • 08:50 Tip 7: Don’t forge to ask attendees for feedback

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