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Aaron Keith Hawkins: From SWAT Team to Podcaster and Entrepreneur


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Aaron Keith Hawkins is the host of Unbreakable Success podcast. He is a high-performance coach who loves working with entrepreneurs and those looking to create a powerful impact with their business and life. He works empathetically and strategically to draw out his client\’s ability to create transformational changes to their sense of identity.

He graduated from the FBI National Academy and has spent over 2 decades as a public servant. He\’s currently a Police Captain, still serving his New Jersey community as a Law Enforcement Executive. 

In this 2-part episode, Aaron and I did an experiment where we are interviewing each other. We are essentially taking the same recording and applying edits as we see fit for both of our shows. Therefore you will be hearing questions and answers from both ends. 

If you want to skip over the Feisworld content, jump right to minute 16:00. 

To learn more about Aaron Keith Hawkins, please visit his website: https://aaronkeithhawkins.com/. He has a great book called \”Million Dollar Influence\”, which you can download for free right here.


Show Notes

Part 1

  • [08:00] Fei\’s whereabout and upcoming projects

  • [10:00] Fei\’s organic approach to growing Feisworld Podcast and her business

  • [13:00] What Fei learned from other industries, and how she applied these tools and resources in her own business as a digital marketing freelancer

  • [16:00] How does Aaron balance between running a podcast, writing books and managing his business and maintaining a full time job!

  • [21:00] How does Aaron translate from what he learned in his business to what he coaches his clients

  • [24:00] Aaron\’s story as a police offer that significantly influenced his life

  • [28:00] Aaron\’s point of view on common pitfalls in his clients when it comes to productivity, getting stuck and his advice to help them move forward

Part 2

  • [42:00] Aaron never worked in digital marketing and built his entire website himself. How?

  • [51:00] What has Aaron\’s podcast done him personally? And how has his audience received his message?

  • [53:00] Aaron\’s story as a member and leader on the SWAT team

  • [56:00] What Aaron borrowed from being on the SWAT team and how he applied those skills to his business

  • [60:00] Did Aaron\’s training as police/SWAT change how prepared he is in business? How has that experience change his perspective on day to day life?


Favorite Quotes from Aaron Keith Hawkins

Nobody told me what I need to say, or how I need to say it, or how am I going to relate to these people. How am I going to know what is it that I could say that could touch their emotions? This is what I offer.

For me the leverage came from decades of experience seeing people going through their worst experiences, and learning for myself how to process all of that stuff.

Those two stories translate because it helped me realize that very early on when you see a problem happening more than once, it’s time to learn something new. Don’t just get through the day, and survive it and bear it. Learn something intentionally that’s going to intervene the next tie.

Our ego set us up for failure, because we are not willing to have anything that is less than perfect. So if my website doesn’t look like so and so, I’m just like ‘forget it I’m not even going to do it’. You loose before even trying if you think that stance.

Wherever you are now does not mean that is not where you need to be a month from now or a year from now, or even an hour from now. The things you are doing and the impact you are having and creating is a matter of how much you are willing to learn and how much effort you are willing to put into whatever it is you want to achieve.


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