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Anna Laman: How to Position and Message Yourself as a Freelancer

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About Our Guest


Anna Laman ( is a freelancer who works as a messaging coach for other freelancers, consultants, and other solo entrepreneurs.

Why we created this episode:

Every week or so I received emails, comments from Feisworld listeners, ex-colleagues on how to start freelancing, or how to message their services and stand out from the crowd. So I created a How to Freelance mini series to address a lot of their questions.

But then I realize there’s another gap I wanted to fill, which is to talk to actual freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Last week you heard from Darius Foroux, who’s a most-read author on and has built a thriving business on his own for years.

This week, we welcome Anna Laman, who was a grant writer and communications manager for non-profits, as well as an independent bookkeeper for creative businesses prior to starting her own business.

In a role that’s a mix between a business consultant and writing coach, Anna finds herself helping other self-employed people become more articulate, confident, and purposeful about their work, so they can focus in on their favorite work and attract better clients.

What you will learn:

Anna came to this interview well prepared to talk about Positioning & Messaging to help you become better at telling your own stories and services. In her experience, freelancers tend to try to be everything to everyone, which ends up backfiring or burning them out. She thinks at the beginning of your freelance career it\’s important to try different kinds of clients and work. But then after a while, it\’s essential to start narrowing down the types of work and clients you like best and positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. That results in being able to increase your rates and actually doing work you enjoy, which is, after all, the whole point of freelancing!

“When you\’re in that early experimental phase, it can be hard to work on your messaging because you\’re usually not sure what your specialty is yet or what you want your brand to stand for. But there are things you can do and pay attention to in those early days that will set you up for stronger positioning and messaging down the road.” – Anna Laman

To learn more about Anna Laman:


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