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Tom Schwab: How to Target Podcast Interviews to Talk Directly to Your Customers


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Today’s creative entrepreneur on Feisworld is Tom Schwab. Tom is the Cheif Evangelist Officer at Interview Valet, a company he founded in 2014. Interview Valet is the leader in Podcast Interview Marketing (PIM), using targeted podcast interviews to talk directly to your ideal customers.

They are a full-service concierge-level service who takes care of everything but the speaking. Tom shared with me that:

“Podcast guest appearances are a cost-effective, fast and scalable way to reach your ideal prospects. in just 30 minutes, listeners get to know, like and trust you.”

Also, traffic from podcast interviews converts 25x better than blogs.

In this episode, I invite Tom to open up about his origin stories, where the idea of Interview Vallet came about. Today, he works from his home in Michigan with a sizable team from the rest of the world.

Tom has been interviewed on more than 100 podcasts, and his clients have been interviewed on thousands of shows. This conversation is especially helpful if you are a host or a potential podcast guest on other shows. These learnings can also give you insights to a new marketing strategy for your business to engage with new and existing customers.

Tom helps summarizes his observations and learnings from the past 5 years, and teaches you how to be a better guest and a better host. Interview Valet sends out a survey to both the host and the guest after each interaction to learn what they can improve upon. Tom proudly shares these crucial data with us with no reservation.

Tom and I met at the Podcast Movement event in Orlando, Florida. I was immediately drawn to his energy and authenticity. He came well prepared and every slide he presented gave me insights to improving my show and my perspective for the ever-growing podcast industry.

Learn more and connect with Tom Schwab and Interview Vallet:


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