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Originally from Long Island, New York and now living in sunny San Diego, California, Brad Hart (@MakeMoreMarbles) is an entrepreneur and investor. Still in his early 30s, Brad has reached his own financial independence with little support and resources he was born into, and he continues to nurture the communities he built.

Every week, he hosts a potluck session and invites members from his mastermind groups to come together and have vibrant conversations about business and life.

He’s a firm believer of Tony Robbins\’ philosophy, whom he wants to attribute all of his success to. Each year, Brad brings a substantial number of attendees to Tony’s events. 

I also accidentally found out about Brad’s encounter with Tim Ferriss, author of 4-Hour Work Week. 

Brad has his own podcast called Make More Marbles. I was invited to join Brad on his show to talk about the Making of Feisworld Podcast. Click here to check it out (after you listen to this one, please!)

To learn more about Brad Hart, visit his website and follow him on Twitter @MakeMoreMarbles.  

Show Notes

  • [06:00] What’s your podcasting process? How do you approach guests and what do you do after the recording is done?

  • [10:00] Do you want to be the next Tim Ferriss?

  • [11:00] Do you know Tim Ferriss personally? Tell me about your trip to Africa together.

  • [18:00] You said you want to become the best version of yourself. What does that person look like and how do you know you are making progress?

  • [23:00] What is your morning routine like?

  • [25:00] What are you like when you hang out with friends. What do you enjoy doing and talking about? What\’s the relaxed version of Brad?

  • [26:00] Let’s talk about your failures for a second. You had a very difficult upbringing, you went through a lot. Where did you grow up and what was your family dynamic like?

  • [31:00] What were you doing at the age of 10?

  • [33:00] What are some of the most important highlights when you were a teenager, and when you were around 20-22 years old?

  • [35:00] How did you earn your first solid money (or in Chinese we say \”the first bucket of gold\”)?

  • [38:00] How do you find time to do all the things you do?

  • [40:00] You said you made over one million US dollars in one month. How did you managed to do that?

  • [42:00] What are your current revenue streams?

  • [44:00] Tell us about your cryptocurrency course. How is it different from other courses and what’s the main selling point?

  • [46:00] Who are the main target audience for the course?

  • [48:00] How can people learn more about you and your courses?



[07:00] What I noticed about entrepreneurs is that usually they are good at four things: ideas, people, timing and numbers. I’m a supporter, which means that my main focus is on people. My question is ‘who’. Who is the right person that I need for this particular outcome?

[10:00] People really believe in what we are doing and they have really high enough skills to get paid a lot of money for them, but they really want to help us.

[19:00] I really believe that your values shape your beliefs, shape your thoughts, shape your word, shape your actions, shape your habits, and shape your reality. And if I want a better reality I better start with the values.

[21:00] I truly value that growth and contribution. When I’m learning from my mistakes, when I’m leading at a higher level, and when I’m doing the best I can (which can vary over time), for me that’s winning. It’s progress over perfection.

[22:00] We are all on a journey. And we all have a specific thing that we are after. And part of that journey is figuring out what that is. At least to me.  I believe we are all here to do something important. It’s whether we take that call to action, that hero’s journey is what determines the course of our lives.

[28:00] I just remember saying ‘wow, he took this painful moment that he was going through, and created something beautiful, that I didn’t even know he knew how to do’…

[47:00] Blockchain is really the exciting part. Cryptocurrencies are fun and interesting but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of the technology behind what powers them. 


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