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Bryan Falchuk: How to Redefine a Better Life for You


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Bryan Falchuk is an author, speaker, and life coach. He was introduced to me through Michael O’Brien who appeared on an earlier episode of our show. As soon as Bryan and I met in person, we discovered many more common friends we shared right here in Boston, Massachusetts.

If you are listening to this and you are an up and coming influencer, an author who is seeking to be interviewed by on podcasts, there’s one important tip and trick I learned from Bryan. He created an interview prep document (PDF) that became very handy for hosts who don’t know much about him, yet. Hence, you should create something similar to this document, where you include your photos, suggested questions, bio, etc. Podcasters love to see that you’ve done your homework!

Episode Cheatsheet & Why You Should Listen

In this episode, Bryan Falchuk and I talked about:

  • Facing major adversities and learned some hard lessons in his early years

  • Overcoming obesity with successful weight loss/weight management

  • Running marathons and staying active for life

  • Career struggles before becoming finding his path as CXO (Chief Experience Offer)

  • Managing life-threating illness and nearly lost his wife while his son was an infant

  • Developing a unique approach to inspire others to live a fulfilling and happy life

To learn more about Bryan and follow the steps he has talked about on the show, check out this special landing page he prepared just for Feisworld Podcast listeners:

Bryan has as new book coming out in 2019

Bryan’s second book, The 50 75 100 Solution, is being written right now, and is focused on helping you solve dysfunction in all relationships you face in life, whether with your significant other, coworkers, friends, family or others. The 50 75 100 Solution is anticipated to be released later in 2019, so be sure to sign up for updates.

Show Notes


Bryan Falchuk’s first book published in 2017

  • [07:00]  How many podcasts have you been on? What are the most frequently asked questions?

  • [08:00] How long have you been a life coach?

  • [09:00] What’s the difference between coach and mentor?

  • [11:00] How easy/challenging do you find coaching to be and how do you influence someone?

  • [14:00]  What’s your take on when you are coaching and people immediately say ‘no’, or resist change?

  • [15:00] What are some of the example activities and things you noticed that helps strengthen people\’s relationships (with partners for example)

  • [18:00] Why do you think some couples struggle to open themselves up (with themselves)?

  • [24:00] What do you think about the fact that we always form the first impression of judging people?

  • [25:00] What’s your opinion about self-love?

  • [28:00] I find myself filling different gaps in my relationship with different people. Do you think it is usual or most people try to fill every gap from a single person?

  • [32:00] Do you face a lot of clients with relationship problems?

  • [37:00] How long ago did you switch to being vegan, and what was the transition like?

  • [41:00] What are some of the things you wish you knew once you started your own coaching business?

  • [46:00] What do you think is holding so many people from starting their own businesses or leaving their full-time jobs?

  • [51:00] How can people find more about you and about your books?

Favorite Quotes

I need to interact with you in a way that exposes you to a new way of thinking about yourself, so that you make your own change to change your life, I’m not going to do that. A coach should call you out on that and work through changing your perspectives, so you can be honest with yourself about a better path. 

The lack of desire to get uncomfortable gives you the easiest answer “no”. The easiest thing you can do is not to change, not to look into it, not to challenge yourself. But it doesn’t make it any better, and eventually you are not gonna have a choice. 

40-45% of the book is very personal stuff, something I’ve doubted with, struggled with. My relationship with my mother, my relationships with my wife, with my sister, with my coworkers, I’m telling you: this is where I screwed up. It’s not about what they can do, or what I didn’t do, it’s about what I can do differently to enlist a different outcome, regardless of who I think is at fault or not. 

We all go through stuff, everybody has a back story, no matter whether it’s better or worse than someone else’s, or I went through a tougher time than you, that doesn’t matter. We all go through what we go through and that leaves little footprints on us along the way, and it wires our brain and our emotional interactions in certain ways. 

There’s no such thing as someone has everything. It’s also like beauty is in the eye of the beholders, what’s complete to you may not be complete to me, because we are incomplete, and we are looking for different things in different people, that’s why you need everyone. 


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