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Michael O\’Brien: The Missing Manual to Conscious Coaching


meet michael o’brien

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Michael O’Brien helps successful sales and marketing executives become the best version of themselves. He’s a coach, a consultant, and a recovering trauma patient.

He is the author of a heartfelt memoir called Shift, where Michael talks about his Last Bad Day. Michael was on an early morning cycling training ride when he nearly died from a head-on collision with an SUV. After the event, he began to shift his self-narrative and through this recovery, Michael formulated a powerful triad to help people discover the lost art of conversation.

To learn more about Michael, visit his website: https://www.michaelobrienshift.com/

To check out his weekly Facebook Live and other fun videos, visit his YouTube page here.

Visit Amazon to purchase his incredible memoir called SHIFT. 


Show Notes

  • [06:00] What’s your main business today, what’s your revenue model like?

  • [08:00] How did you attract your initial clients back in 2014? What was that process like?

  • [11:00] How did you go about charging your clients at first?

  • [14:00] How long did it take for you to find a sweet spot for your prices, a good package and price range that works for you?

  • [15:00] What’s your advice for people to decide their pricing structure?

  • [19:00] Since you are so hands on with your clients, they demand more time and you can take fewer of them. How does that change your pricing structure?

  • [22:00] What’s the best way for people to learn more about you?

  • [23:00] How do you stand out from the competition with your name, which is fairly common?

  • [25:00] You blog regularly. What’s your routine, what’s the frequency of your blog?

  • [34:00] Can you share the story behind your accident?

  • [43:00] Did you self-publish your book Shift?

  • [48:00] What are some of the feedback you’ve got from your readers? What about your children (who are teenagers)?

Favorite Quotes

[08:00] People who used to get paid to listen to my directions, flipped it around and the started paying me for my coaching.

[12:00] I think we undervalue our services all the time, what we quote in terms of our fees is much lower than what we possibly quote. So I wrestled with that in the beginning and I think a lot of entrepreneurs do. What’s the value of my work, of my art? I’ve decided I’d just play with it.

[30:00] I really do try to put it out there then everyone reading this can do it too. You have a story to tell, so try it. If you just do it for a few people that’s cool. Maybe a few people turn into hundreds, and then thousands. But all of us have stories within us that are worth telling or sharing.

[37:00] My wife got a cookie on the flight she took when she was traveling to the hospital. She decided to wrap it up because by the time she got to the hospital, she was thinking, Michael will be in recovery and he might want a nice cookie. And she got to the hospital, I was still in the trauma center. And the reality set in. Michael has been in a very bad accident and the next 48h are going to be critical. Then she went back to the hotel room, and it was time to put the safety belts and buckle in because this was going to be a long haul to get back. It was the biggest test of our marriage.

Those little things… When you are sick, sometimes you feel invisible. You feel really lonely. When everyone left the hospital I felt isolated and alone. And those little things that people do for you when you needed the most makes you feel that you are not invisible, that you matter, that you are still connected to folks. It makes it less scary and less fearful.


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